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Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Jean Button Covers

Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Jean Button Covers

How did Holé button covers come into existence? What are they? How do you use them? What do they do? Find the answers to these questions and many more, covering everything you could possibly ever need to know about jean button covers!

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Solving The Mystery Of Tiny Holes

If you've ever noticed tiny little holes appearing in your tops, you're not alone! The most likely culprit for this is friction. These little holes are caused by the button on your trousers or jeans rubbing against the fabric of your top. Over time, this friction can cause a little hole to develop in your tops.

It could be that tiny holes are even more common due to the decline in quality of materials used in tshirts and tops, particularly by fast fashion retailers who use thin, cheap materials in order to keep their prices low.

Regardless of material quality though, these tiny, often baffling holes can still appear, ruining your favourite tops. If this is a problem that you've encountered yourself, read on!

What Can Cause Friction?

There are lots of things that we do day to day that can cause our tops to rub against the buttons on our trousers and jeans, and this in turn causes the friction that can result in those tiny holes appearing.

Some common causes of friction include;

  • Wearing a seat belt in the car
  • Hugging other people
  • Carrying kids or things like the laundry basket around
  • Standing close to the sink or kitchen counter top when you wash up, clean cook etc.

What Are Holé Button Covers?

Holé is made using soft silicone and the covers are currently available in black and white. They allow you to easily cover up the button on trousers and jeans and they'll prevent those pesky tiny holes appearing in your tops!

How Do You Use Holé Button Covers?

The little covers are really easy to use and have been specially designed so that they can remain in place even in the washing machine and tumble dryer, so once you've popped the covers over your button, you won't ever need to remove them!

Putting the covers on is easiest if you turn the cover inside out, then simply place it on top of your button and peel down the sides to cover the button.

You can find a short video that shows you the best technique for putting your button covers on here.

Preventing tshirt holes with Hole button covers

Are Holé Button Covers The Same As Jean Button Tabs?

Although we refer to Holé as button covers, they are also sometimes referred to as jean button tab covers. Our soft covers are designed to add an unobtrusive cushioned surface that reduces friction and will help to stop damage occurring.

Jean button tabs can do a similar job, but are usually much bigger and far more obvious, whereas Holé button covers are almost invisible and won't stand out. If you do want to make a feature of them however it's easy to decorate and customise your button covers.

So there you have it, everything you could possibly ever need to know about jean button covers!

You can find out even more about how to stop mystery holes in tops here, or why not find out how to choose the pefect pair of jeans and remember that you can shop online for jean button covers or see our excellent customer reviews.



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