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Will Holé fit my jeans or trousers?

Holé is designed to fit most jeans or trousers. It will fit all jeans or trouser buttons sized 14 to 22mm.

How do you put on Holé?

Holé fits directly over your jeans or trouser button. Make sure to put it on with your jeans button undone, so not through the button hole. Once Holé is completely around your jeans button it may need some adjusting, but once its on you do not need to take it off. Do not use anything other than your fingers to try and make the hole bigger to fit around your jeans button as this will cause the silicone to tear.

Another tip to get Holé over your jeans button is to entirely turn the cover inside out, hold it up to your button and peel the sides so the button is covered entirely.

You can see a short video and more tips on How To Put On Holé Button Covers here.

How does Holé work?

Holé is made from high tear, high tensile silicone, which is an unabrasive material so it cushions your jeans button to prevent the hard metal from causing holes. Jeans + T-shirt + Hard surface = tiny holes and Holé prevents this.

Can I wash Holé?

Yes. Holé button covers are made from durable silicon. You can leave Holé on and when you put your jeans in the wash or dryer.

Why do I get tiny holes at the bottom of my tops?

It's your jeans button (or belt if you wear one) causing these holes! When your t-shirt falls in between your jeans button and a hard surface (such as a kitchen counter) your weight pressing against it causes friction that wears down the material in your t-shirt and these pesky little holes appear.

Is Holé Unisex

Yes, Holé button covers are for men and women. Holé covers any jeans or trouser button 14-22mm diameter, which is most.

How many Holé button covers come in a pack?

Each pack comes with 4 Holé button covers - 2 transparent and 2 black.

Sometimes Holé slides off my jeans button when buttoning or unbuttoning?

Holé is intended to fit an average size button, but some can be smaller, which can lead to Holé popping off.

We have found that if you make the button hole a bit bigger this can help. Otherwise, over time the silicone will mould to your button and its staying power will get better with each wear!

How much does Holé cost?

A pack costs £10 plus shipping.

If you are purchasing from outside the UK the cost is calculated when you select your currency.

Do you sell to the trade?

Please contact us for more information - info@holebuttoncover.com