Say Goodbye To Mysterious Holes

Say Goodbye To Mysterious Holes

In Tops & T-Shirts with The Original Holé Button Cover

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Do you ever wonder why you end up with mysterious, tiny holes in the bottom of your shirts? Here's what's causing the problem and the solution.

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Find out why you get tiny holes appearing in your tops, and learn how original Holé button covers can help.

Mysterious Holes?

Do you get tiny holes that always occur in the same place at the bottom of your tops like this?
Mysterious Holes?

Holé's Got You Covered

Holé is made from soft silicone and easily covers your jeans button to prevent these tiny holes from appearing in your favourite tops. Holé acts as a cushion to prevent your jeans button from rubbing holes in your tops.
Holé's Got You Covered

The Holé Button Cover

The apparel solution that solves the problem of the tiny holes.

Holé Button Covers Original
  • Fits Most Jeans

    Holé fits jeans or trouser buttons of 14-22mm.
  • Protects your Tops

    The soft silicone "cushions" your jeans button.
  • Easy To Fit

    Holé pops right over your jeans button.
  • Washable & Durable

    Leave Holé on in the washer & dryer.


"I am very happy with my Hole' button covers! They work great and since I started using the product, I haven't experienced any holes in my tops/shirts. Thank you for providing a "lifesaving" product! No more ruined shirts! ;)"
"Hole was a game changer for me. I've gotten rid of hoodies with zippers thinking they were the culprit. I spent hours ironing backing on the inside of my t shirts but it only ruined them. Then one evening i found you through Pinterest...Hallelujah i followed your page and patiently waited for the launch. What a wonderful more holes! Very easy to put on, doesn't come off in the wash and easy to remove and add to another pair of jeans. Thank you for removing the worry i constantly had of ruining another top."
"I've had two packets of them now and they're fantastic at stopping those little holes on tops. I find on some jeans they fall off the button at some point during the day (hence the two packs as I've lost some) but on my fave jeans I've superglued them on which has worked a charm!"
"Thank you so much for designing these button covers, I've been looking for something like this for years! It's such a simple but effective idea. Since I started to use them I haven't had one hole in my shirts. My husband has even started using them too! I can't stop telling people about the idea. Amazing!
“I had the problem of holes in my tops and was so upset that some I only wore once because they were ruined. I saw this advertisement and ordered. I put them over my jean buttons and I can tell you now that problem has been resolved. Yea!! I can wear the finest and softest material tops with no worries. And the customer service is awesome! I highly recommend these hole covers!”