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Buy Holé Button Covers

Whether you want the classic black and white set of original Holé Button Covers or you prefer the funky new Holé Button Covers Metallic range, you can find them both listed below.
Holé Button Covers Original
Tiny holes in your top and t-shirts? Finally, there is an apparel solution that solves the problem of the tiny holes appearing in your tops. Meet the original Holé button cover,  designed to protect your tops.  Packet of 4 (2 black and 2 transpar...
Holé Button Covers Metallic
Sold out
We've currently sold out of our metallic button covers, but you can still purchase Holé Button Covers Original here. The Original Holé button cover has been given a funky new update and is now available in metallic silver and gold! Holé Button Cov...