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Holé jean button covers fit directly over the button of your jeans or trousers and is designed to fit all jeans or trouser buttons sized 14 to 22mm. We've put this page together to show you the easiest way to pop your Holé cover over your button.

Make sure to put the button cover on with your jeans button undone, so not through the button hole.

The easiest way to get Holé over your jeans button is to entirely turn the cover inside out, hold it up to your button and peel the sides so the button is covered entirely.

Once Holé is completely around your jeans button it may need some adjusting, but once its on you do not need to take it off again as it's safe to go into the washing machine and tumble dryer still in place.

Do not use anything other than your fingers to try and make the hole bigger to fit around your jeans button as this will cause the silicone to tear.

Fitting hole button cover

Sometimes you might find that the extra thickness from the cover causes some tightness when buttoning and unbuttoning.

A quick fix for this it to run the blade edge of some scissors a few times along the buttonhole to safety allow for a tiny bit more space (as shown above).

If you have any other questions, then do check out our frequently asked questions or get in touch with us here.

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