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Expert Jean Button Cover Quick Buying Guide

Expert Jean Button Cover Quick Buying Guide

We all want to keep our clothing in tip top condition for as long as possible and for those who have experienced the annoyance of tiny holes appearing in t-shirts and tops, jeans button covers make a great little investment, helping to protect your clothing from the friction that can cause holes to appear.

Jean button cover buying advice

We’ve put this handy little guide together to help you understand what to look for when choosing jean button covers.

Jean button covers should be easy to put on

Due to their small size there’s no denying that button covers can seem a bit fiddly, that’s why it’s really important to choose button covers that are as easy as possible to put on and to take off again should you wish to!

Of course you don’t want to spend ages battling with something fiddly and awkward to put on, so look for a button cover that’s universally sized to fit all standard jeans and trouser buttons that won’t leave you tearing your hair out trying to get it on or off again.

Button covers need to be washable and tumbler dryer friendly

Taking button covers off and putting them back on again every time you pop your jeans in the washer our take them out of the tumble dryer is a pain and let’s get real, we’re all too busy these days for anything that’s too much of a faff!

We’d recommend you look for covers that you don’t need to take off before washing or tumble drying your clothes. That way you won’t be creating an extra job for yourself and you don’t need to worry about forgetting to put the cover back on once you’ve done the laundry. It also means you don’t face the risk of losing you covers each time you take them off!

In case you’re wondering about washing jeans, we wrote a blog with some expert advice on how often you really should wash your jeans and as it turns out, you’re probably washing your jeans far more frequently than you should do!

Jean button covers should blend in seamlessly

There are some things you want to stand out in terms of accessories and others that you might prefer not to make a song and dance about! Button covers that are very obvious can of course be chosen to make a statement, but more often than not you’ll find you might want something that blends in and doesn’t detract from your outfit and chosen accessories.

Look for subtle colours that will blend in rather than stand out when choosing your button covers, alternatively, if you want to make a feature of your button covers, go for it!

Take note of customer reviews

Customer reviews are a great way of finding out what people really think of something, so when it comes to jeans button covers, make sure you look for customer reviews to give you a more realistic idea of the product you’re considering purchasing.

Remember too that even less than glowing reviews can be helpful with people making suggestions that can lead to improvements in customer services and other feedback can be helpful too. As long as the general trend is positive, you can’t go far wrong.

Of course it goes without saying that when you choose the original Holé jean button covers, you’ll be choosing a product that easy to get on and off again, that blends in and that is safe to leave on in the washing machine and in the tumble dryer.

We’ve got a handy guide on how to easily put on your jean button covers here and you can see plenty of customer reviews on our website too.


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