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How to Choose The Perfect Pair of Jeans

How to Choose The Perfect Pair of Jeans

If there's one item of clothing pretty much everyone has in their wardrobe, regardless of age or gender, it's jeans. In fact research carried out by ShopSmart concluded that on average, people own a whopping 7 pairs of jeans! Excessive? You might think so, but if you do a quick calculation of your own, you might be surprised at just how many pairs of jeans you really do own!

Jean shopping tips

Many of us will have a favourite pair of jeans, those that we turn to time and time again, and of course, with so many different styles and colours to choose from, particularly for women, it's easy to see why one pair just won't cut it.

But when it comes to investing in jeans, how can you tell which ones will turn into your favourite go-to jeans and avoid buying a pair that languishes in your wardrobe and rarely gets to see the light of day?

4 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

1. It's all about comfort

It goes without saying really that jeans need to be comfortable for them to become a firm wardrobe favourite.

The addition of Lycra in many jeans means that they are generally more comfortable than ever, so when it comes to comfort, think about the materials used before you buy.

High waisted jeans are still on-trend, but you might find, particularly if they are tight and don't include Lyrcra, that they can feel a little restrictive and uncomfortable when seated for long periods of time, so again, choosing something with a bit of give can lead to greater comfort.

The best jeans are the ones you can do anything in, they don't restrict your freedom of movement, they don't feel overly tight and they feel so comfortable you can almost forget you're wearing them! So when you try on a pair of jeans, ask yourself whether you could imagine flying long-haul on a plane wearing them. If the answer is no, then they aren't the comfortable and probably won’t become your go-to jeans,

2. Versatility of style

Simply speaking, the more versatile your jean style, the more often you'll wear them!

Light stonewashed flared jeans have got a lovely retro 70's vibe to them and they look amazing during the summer months worn with pumps, flats or sandals, get into the winter months however and it can be very difficult to match a flare with season-appropriate footwear, meaning you'll probably only make use of them for a small part of the year.

Boot cut jeans are not as popular as they once were, but do have the benefit of offering greater versatility and can be worn to compliment a number of looks.

Mom-jeans too are still popular, and thanks to their more relaxed silhouette, means they make a great casual jean choice, but perhaps aren't as suitable for dressing up should you wish to take your look a bit more glam for the evening.

Skinny jeans remain the king of versatility though as their shape means you can just as easily wear them with pumps or trainers for a casual look or dress them up with heels and a smart top.

For winter too, they make a great choice as skinnies look fabulous paired with big chunky boots, so in terms of versatility, the skinny jean definitely has it! Choose one with a bit of stretch and you’re onto a winner.

How to choose perfect jeans

3. Ease of care

If you've chosen white jeans or very dark black jeans then keeping their colour pristine is going to take a bit of effort. You'll need to ensure they are washed in a light or dark wash and you'll need to use a detergent that ensures colours don't run or fade.

If your jeans have embroidery or delicate bead work detail, you might even find they are dry-clean only, or that they can't be popped in the tumble dryer, which makes them high maintenance and means you're less likely to find them an easy every-day choice.

The easiest jeans to own are going to be the ones you can bung in the washer on pretty much any cycle and can dry however you like without them shrinking, fading too much or changing shape.

4. Let's get practical

When it comes to fashion, practicality is rarely a consideration, but with jeans, to get the most out of them and for them to stand a chance of becoming your favourite, then thinking about how practical they are is a must.

A white jean for a example can look good, but they very easily show up stains which can be hard to get out, making them a fairly impractical choice as a day to day jean.

Similarly whilst jeans with multiple enormous rips in them might look on-trend, how much wear are you actually going to get out of them outside of the warm summer months or the odd night out?

How to choose the perfect jeans

So there you have it, 4 considerations to keep in mind when choosing your next pair of jeans and remember, it’s not always how much you spend that determines how much you’ll come to love your jeans or how much use you’ll get out of them.

So whether it’s bargain supermarket jeans, designer jeans or vintage Levis you go for, don't forget your Holé button covers and we hope that our tips will help you to find the perfect jeans that you’ll wear time and time again and will love for many years to come!


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