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How To Decorate Your Holé Button Cover For Festival Season

How To Decorate Your Holé Button Cover For Festival Season

Sequined tops, bands tees and denim shorts; staple items for your summer festival pack list, but with all that walking round, dancing and making your way through crowds, there will be an even higher chance than usual of snagging your favourite tops and accessories on the button from your jeans or trousers.

If only someone had designed something to prevent this from happening! Read on for inspiration on how to decorate your Holé button cover for festival season...

Eco-Friendly Summer Festivals

Against single-use items, festivals nowadays want to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible, and Holé button covers are no exception! Made from durable silicone, they’re low in toxicity, can be repeatedly washed and dried, and will protect all your favourite festival tops, tees and shirts from those nasty buttons.

Summer Festival Trends

If you’re off to a festival this summer, and still aren’t sure what to pack, here are some ideas based on 2019 spring summer fashion trends from WhoWhatWear and VOGUE UK, and the latest festival trends from Glamour Magazine:

● Tie-dye and neon - you definitely won’t get lost in the crowd with colourful outfits.
● Sequined tops - look glam all day and night with a splattering of sequins.
● Lace and crochet - think cool, crafty and quirky tops, dresses and accessories.
● Harness chest bags - a good way to keep all your essentials safe without hurting your shoulders.
● Uber utility - versatile, durable and comfortable; this trend is perfect for walking around a festival for a few days.
● Janties aka denim panties aka denim underwear; are you brave enough to wear high-cut denim briefs?!

rainbow coloured tshirts, shirts and tops

DIY Decoration Ideas

When you buy a pack of Holé button covers for jeans, you get four in total; two black and two clear options, which are perfect for everyday life. We understand you may want to make more of a statement at a festival though. Here are some ideas on how to do this, but please note we haven’t tested them all, so it may mean you end up sacrificing one of your four button covers for jeans... all in the name of fashion!

● Paint - spray paint, acrylic paint or nail varnish; maybe try UV too
● Glitter or sequins
● Stickers
● A fake flower
● Glue fringing, bows or statement fabric such as animal print

colourful sequins and glitter from haberdashery

Our Top Button Cover Decorating Tips

Add decoration to the front only - if you go around the sides and back it may be uncomfortable and not fit on the button properly.

Don’t use anything sharp or it defeats the purpose of your Holé button cover.

If you experiment with chunky glitter, we recommend painting over this with a clear nail varnish to prevent any snagging.

Are you going to a festival this summer? We’d love to hear all about it and see your photos! Tag us on Instagram or one of our social media accounts, and we may even share your post!

Whatever you get up to; don’t forget to pack your Holé button covers!


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