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Mysterious Tiny Holes in your T-shirts - What Actually Causes Them

Mysterious Tiny Holes in your T-shirts - What Actually Causes Them

It's amazing the amount of blog posts and threads there are online that ask the question of those dreaded tiny holes. They tend to go like this:

"Why do I get tiny holes in my clothes?"

"Do moths eat cotton?"

"Why is my washing machine ruining my clothes?"

"Mysterious tiny holes keep appearing in my tshirts?

"Does anyone else get tiny holes in the front of their tops at waist level?"

There are thousands of pages of online content purely looking for a solution or an answer to the mystery of the tiny holes.

The cause of tiny holes

So what is the actual cause of these tiny holes?

Well, in our experience it is your jeans button rubbing into your t-shirt when you lean into something such as a kitchen countertop - the t-shirt fabric gets sandwiched in-between essentially.

T-shirt material nowadays is usually pretty thin so the weight of your body pushing into a hard surface continuously with a thin material stuck in the middle is eventually going to lead to tiny holes right where your jeans button is. It is just going to happen.

This is a frustrating situation because people work hard to purchase clothing and these tiny holes can happen within one hour of wearing. There is a video on the Holé Facebook page of how it happens and it was literally 5 mins, only making some salsa! 

Certain variables can play a part in how quickly these holes happen such as where you spend the majority of your time - is it in the kitchen or just home in general? Because unless you think about it, you will be running into a hard surface multiple times through the day. Think - cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, putting on your makeup, carrying things, etc. You are always leaning.

Then there other elements that play a part: your seat belt, carrying around a child, your cross body bag, shopping trolley, your desk, hugging :) the list goes on...pretty much anything that your tshirt comes in between, when your jeans button is on one side will damage the fibres on your top or t-shirt.

This happens with cotton, cotton blends, silk, poly, Lycra, etc. Bet you would have never thought about all the possibilities!? Finally there is a solution with Holé! It's a small price to pay to protect your clothing investments and protect your tops and tshirts from those dreaded tiny holes occurring! Get your jeans button covered and save your tops.

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Apr 20, 2022 • Posted by Elisabeth Vescovi

This was never a problem in the past. Clearly we are buying poor quality cloth but paying top dollar. The clothing industries need to step up there game. Folks save your receipts and return when holes appear for refund or exchange. That’s what I do. Don’t let them get away with it.

Oct 14, 2020 • Posted by Lucia

I think Gail just hit the spot!

Mar 27, 2020 • Posted by Vickie jarrett

I don’t where jeans with buttons most of my cloths are elastic waist I get tiny holes in all my tops so frustrating it is always in the same spot doesn’t what type of fabric it is don’t think it’s a jean button I wear slacks to work with zipper and buttons and a cotton shirt and my top never gets holes in it and my partners cloths never get holes go finger !!!!!!!

Jul 02, 2019 • Posted by helen STEELE

I get this all the time & it drives me insane. Now when I buy a new top I iron a patch across the area where holes usually appear. It’s available from a material shop & is cheap. Iron on a damp cloth with its sticky side down & hey presto. Washes as normal & won’t come off. It seems to be working well.

Jul 01, 2019 • Posted by Maria Hallmark

OMG I get this all the time. It makes sense. Or it could be a belt around my trousers. I am on my feet all day and there would be a lot of friction. Thanks

May 21, 2019 • Posted by Gail wiese

This never occurred with my tops prior to the last ten years, which leads me to believe it is in the lack of quality in the fabric! Such a large waste of money!

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