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Instagram Trend Talk and The Top 2024 Trends We Love

Instagram Trend Talk and The Top 2024 Trends We Love

From Barbiecore to “girl dinner” and “girl math”, 2023 was full of memorable online trends, but what’s set to be popular in the coming year, particularly in the world of fashion? Read on to get the lowdown. 

Instagram trend talk 2024

We took a deep dive into the annual Instagram Trend Talk and discovered 4 fantastic trends set to be big in 2024.

To get an idea of what’s popular, Instagram surveys Gen Z social media users across the world and collates a list of the issues, topics and trends that matter to them, resulting in a list of key predictions for the coming year.

As supporters of sustainable fashion we were delighted to see fashion take centre stage, with the following top 4 intentions being expressed by those surveyed.

  1. Buying fewer new clothes
  2. Repeating outfits
  3. Shopping local
  4. Shopping second hand

We’re all so much more aware of the perils of fast-fashion and how couture fashion houses drive demand for an ever increasing turnover of new clothing and designs, and of course where couture leads, the High Street follows.

Did you know that according to Retail Week for example, online fashion retailer ASOS release a massive 5,000 new products every single week and have an inventory of 70,000 items at any one time?

This mind-bogglingly-huge number of new products ensures that there’s something new to browse every single time a customer revisits the site, continually tempting people to make more and more purchases, but ASOS certainly aren’t alone.

Whilst retailers on the high street don’t have such a rapid new product introduction rate, it’s typical that clothing may only remain in a store for a few short weeks before being replaced by the next new thing.

The fashion industry is designed to tempt us over and over again with the next new must-have item that we simply can’t live without, but it seems like Gen Z will be less likely to be swayed over the coming year as they actively seek to buy fewer items of clothing.

We can’t tell you how fabulous is it to us hearing about 2024 being all about making more sustainable fashion decisions, after all, that’s exactly what Holé button covers are all about, helping you to protect your clothes from damage so they last longer and won’t need replacing as fast.

If you’re keen to jump in on some of these trends, why not take a look at our blog on Why Taking Better Care of Our Clothes Makes Absolute Sense and when it comes to style Here's To Doing It Your Own Way.


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