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Style Is Subjective, So Here's To Doing It Your Own Way

Style Is Subjective, So Here's To Doing It Your Own Way

I was recently dragged down a clickbait-celeb-fashion vortex and came across an article in Hello! Fashion about supermodel Alexa Chung being spotting in Notting Hill wearing a pair of red jeans. Which got me thinking about style, fashion and trends.

Authentic style and fashion

The next thing I read was an article in Vogue about Jennifer Lopez walking around Paris in a pair of frankly gigantic denim jeans, being applauded for dressing so casually, like casual dressing is difficult or a brave thing to do in public.

The commentry on denim choices that I read made me think about style and just how subjective it can be, particularly where fashion magazines are concerned. The same look on one person might well be judged as cheugy, whilst worn by a celeb, it's lauded as the height of cool.

By all means, keep your eye on what's cool, but really, nothing is cooler than doing it your way. Who cares if such and such is wearing it or a certain magazine deems something to be "in" or stylish or not? Passing your own vibe check is all that matters.

Fashion is all about authentic self expression

Fashion should always be an expression of yourself, and for personal style that slaps, remain authentic and simply go with what you like! If you're feeling a pair of red jeans, then go for it.

Similarly, if you love the creativity or lines of a look you've seen on the cat walk, by all means, take inspiration from it or even replicate parts of it it with your own unique twist.

"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it."
Diane von Furstenberg

The big fashion houses want us to believe that being a walking advertising billboard, emblazoned with logos and looking hella boujee is what we should all aspire to. But once again, it all comes down to authenticity.

If dripping in Gucci really does make you feel, well, Gucci and you're doing it for you and not for the approval or attention of others, then go right ahead, but don't ever feel like your only worth is in dressing a certain way or buying certain labels.

I say this as I'm sat typing in a pair of special edition AF1’s (iykyk), but it's only a little bit about the label, it's more about how they look to me (honest!), which I find hugely aesthetically appealing which for me is more important than the actual label. Either way, I wear them for me, and my rather rambling point is, fashion and the labels (if any) that you choose, should always be about you doing you.

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