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3 Denim Trends For 2024 You Need To Know

3 Denim Trends For 2024 You Need To Know

It goes without saying that here at Holé we're big fans of jeans, so we always keep an eye out with regards to denim trends and wanted to share some of the denim jean looks set to be big in 2024...

Denim jeans trends for 2024

We're starting off strong with a denim look that is bound to divide opinion. We're all for wearing whatever you want regardless of whether it's technically 'flattering' or not, but unless you're the brilliant Sara Camposarcone on TikTok, you probably don't want your jeans to make others wonder "are you OK hun?", or perhaps you do, zero shade either way.

Barrel Leg Jeans

Anyway, we're beating about the bush here, but the biggest look being talked about for 2024 is barrel jeans. These are a little different to baggy wide leg jeans, as they have a distinct cut and shape to them. 

Generally cut on the short side these jeans are designed to be wide, but also with a taper so they are wider across the thigh, imitating the wider central section of a barrel) and they then taper up toward the waist and down toward to the ankle.

Some examples we like come from Levis and, the jeans shown below are from Free People. Perhaps surprisingly, barrel leg jeans flatter many different shapes, the only rule we're seeing is that they might be overwhelming on very short frames.

Duo Denim

This is a somewhat surprising trend, but we're already seeing celebs like Heidi Klum wearing this look. This trend is straight up focused on incorporating two different denim colours into the same pair of jeans, often with one leg in say stonewash denim and the other leg in a deliberately darker indigo denim.

Curious and quirky, it's a playful look which makes jeans look like they've been upcycled by sewing two pairs of jeans together. From a sustainable angle this could be a really positive trend, perhaps indie clothing makers could jump on the trend and actually splice two separate pairs of jeans (of the same size and style) together to create a truly unique look?

Take a look at these Levis 501 Two Tone Jeans or check out the Grace & Mabel Aceto Two Tone Boyfriend Jeans below.

Extreme Flares

Flares are back and bigger than ever. With style trends coming round and around time and time again, and with cycles getting shorter, it might not feel like too long since flares were last fashionable, but for 2024 extreme flares are set to be popular.

Perfect for those that want to accentuate their thighs or balance out their proportions, flares are pretty much universally flattering and are a jean made of extremes, from skinny and tight to hugely loose.

This is a look that works with almost any footwear, and are best worn long. Just note, this is a style of jean that works best in the summer months and definitely isn't one for rainy weather unless you want dark wet patches rising from the hem up the leg of your extreme flares!

Another thing to consider are colours and whilst for duo tone jeans pretty much anything goes, regarding barrel leg jeans or any other style, colour wise it's acid wash and return to darker, indigo tones to go for.

Or don't. You could just wear whatever you're most comfy in of course, and we're all for shopping sustainably and not adding things you don't really need to your wardrobe, but if you are looking to invest in a new pair of jeans this year, these styles and colours could be the way to go.

Whatever you choose, make sure you grab some Original Holé Button Covers to help protect your tops from the button on your jeans.


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