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Peach Fuzz Fun - Embracing The Colour of the Year

Peach Fuzz Fun - Embracing The Colour of the Year

Every year since 1999, Pantone release their colour of the year and this year, their choice is a pretty hue called Peach Fuzz. Some of us might last remember peach last being popular in the 80's and early 90's. Peach is a colour that has so much to give, and in terms of fashion, read on for some ideas on how to incorporate peach into your wardrobe this year.

Peach Fuzz Pantone colour of the year

Pantone is a company that is best known for its Pantone Matching System (PMS), a standardised colour reproduction system widely adopted across multiple industries including print, fashion and design. 

How Pantone Choose Their Colour of the Year

Colour experts at Pantone engage in extensive trend analysis throughout the year. They monitor colour influences in various industries including fashion, design, art, technology, travel, and entertainment.

This allows them to predict a colour that will be popular in the coming year, a colour that crosses all areas of design and is so much more than just a colour, the chosen hue always has an emotional component, with colours particularly adept at evoking feelings, both positive and negative.

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director at the Pantone Colour Institute has this to say about Peach Fuzz.

"In seeking a hue that echoes our innate yearning for closeness and connection, we chose a colour radiant with warmth and modern elegance. A shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless."

You can find out more on the Pantone website.

Easy Ways to Embrace Peach 

We're not suggesting that you adorn yourself head to toe in peach, but there are some easy ways to incorporate the colour into your life.

Peach Fuzz Manicure

Update your mani

If you're a regular at the nail salon, and easy way to embrace the peach fuzz trend is to get your next mani in soft peach tones, or if you do your nails yourself, invest in a new nail polish.

Your everyday refillable cup or water bottle

Whether you're planning on finally giving in a becoming a Stanley cup girl, or your current reusable coffee cup is reaching the end of its life, replacing your water bottle or refillable coffee cup means you get to choose a brand new design and colour - the ideal opportunity to add a bit of peach to your life.

Update your jacket

Whether you prefer the convenience of a fleece or you're into a more formal belted wool coat, peach as a jacket colour could be more versatile than you think.

Peach works exceptionally well with a variety of different colours, pair it with blue denim jeans (and of course your Holé button covers!), forest green or any pastel hue.

It also pairs well with neutrals like beige and grey, but you can also experiment with complementary colours like mint green or soft lavender for a fresh and lively look.

Add a new dress to your wardrobe

Flowy, bohemian-style dresses in peach are perfect for those carefree, sunny days. Add some cute accessories and you're ready for a relaxed spring or summery day.

Peach accessories

From socks to scarves, bags to beanie hats, accessories are an easy way to bring a bit of peach fuzz prettiness into your life without the need to make the kind of invest needed to update something like your jacket.

Hop on over to Etsy or to your fave indie retailer and search out the peach. You might be surprised to find just how much the colour impacts your mood and makes you feel!


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