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Weird & Wonderful Clothing Hacks - But Which Ones Really Work?

Weird & Wonderful Clothing Hacks - But Which Ones Really Work?

There seems to be endless hacks for every aspect of life, from cooking and cleaning to health and fitness. We were curious to look into the area of clothing hacks; would we find only weird clothing hacks, or are there some truly wonderful clothing hacks that really work out there too? Read on to find out!

Wonderful Clothing Hacks That Do Work

Use clear nail polish to stop ladders in your tights getting bigger

OK, so we can confirm this one really does work. Once you get a ladder in your tights it's likely the ladder will continue increasing in size, but as soon as you snag your tights, pop some clear nail varnish above and below and it will stop the hole getting any bigger.

Nourish leather with face or body cream

We all know that leather needs to be nourished and cared for in order to keep it looking as good as possible, but if you've run out or don't have any leather cream or polish to hand, did you know you can use moisturiser instead? Cool huh?

Attach a button to pyjama and jogging bottom waist ties to stop them disappearing

This is one of our favourite hacks becuase it's super annoying when this happens! It's typically things like lounge pants that have an elasticated waist and ties that can be cinched in and tied off around the waist, but these can often go wandering and end up disappearing inside the waist band never to be seen again.

To stop this happening, sew a little button on to either side the cord. The button will stop the cord from being able to disappear inside the waist band.

Remove wrinkles from clothes without an iron

This is a hack we love as ironing can be a drag and anything that cuts down on household chores is a bonus as far as we're concerned. This is a particularly useful trick if you're traveling.

Hang your wrinkled item of clothing in the bathroom and use the hot steamy atmosphere to de-wrinkle your clothes like magic. If that doesn't work, you can use hair straighteners in place of an iron, just be careful with delicate material.

Use tin foil to remove static from clothing in the tumble dryer

Many of us buy tumble dryer sheets to keep clothes soft and static free when they come out of the tumble dryer, but they are a totally unnecessary extra cost. Scrunch up some tin foil and pop that in with your load as it dries and it will do the same job and It can also be reused over and over again!

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Weird Clothing Hacks We're Not So Sure About

Put your jeans in the freezer to stop them smelling

OK, so we've seen this hack for jeans a few times now, and whilst the general consensus from experts is that you shouldn't be washing your jeans after every single wear, we're not sure freezing them is the answer? If your jeans smell, then they obviously need a wash, so pop them in the washing machine already!

Use a sharpie to cover bleach marks

We've all been there, when cleaning the loo the bleach that was meant to go down the toilet has splashed onto our clothing, leaning to annoying yellowy/whitey marks on your clothing. This hack recommends using a Sharpie to hide the bleach damage but we have questions. What if your clothing isn't black or it isn't the exact same shade as a coloured Sharpie? Also, as soon as it's washed the Sharpie will wash out revealing the original bleach patches. Our advice? Be more careful when using bleach!

Use a pair of pants as a bikini top

Yes, you read that right - we have so many questions about this particular clothing hack which recommends using a pair of knickers as a bikini top. The hacks shows you to turn the pants upside down so the crotch is close to your neck and the wait band below your chest, then to thread string through to attach them.

I mean, just why would you do that?!

So there you have it, some weird and wonderful clothing hacks. Have you or would you try any of them?

There's one hack we can thoroughly recommend and it will help ensure you don't suffer from those pesky little holes that you can often get in your tops! Using button covers on your jeans is the easy way to ensure you're tops won't get damaged, helping you avoid small holes from appearing.


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