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The Style Of Clothing Wear Reveals Your Age…Or Does It?

The Style Of Clothing Wear Reveals Your Age…Or Does It?

According to journalist Clemmie Fieldsend, she can tell how old you are from the style of jeans that you wear. This isn’t anything new, you’ve probably come across this kind of thing before, but I wondered if this could possibly have any basis in truth? Read on to find out!

Jean button covers

Before you continue reading, think about your age group and the style of jeans you’re most likely to wear. Boyfriend? Skinnies? Mom? Straight leg? The list goes on.

After reading at some point in 2020 about skinny jeans being decided uncool and out and after seeing another damning article about only ‘old’ people wearing skinny jeans, I swiftly moved away from my trusted and much love skinnies.

After rejecting mom jeans for many years (almost as steadfastly as I’ve continued to shun Crocs) I finally pulled on a pair of Lucy & Yak mom jeans and I was instantly sold.

Instead of seeing a frumpy jean shape I was wearing something infinitely more forgiving and comfy than my old sknnies, and they were kind of cool too.

I was obsessed! Mom jeans remain a staple part of my wardrobe and I wear them because they are comfy, that said, for informal team meetings and nights out when I wanted to dress up but didn’t want to be too extra, I felt the gaping hole left in my wardrobe where my trusty black, high-waisted skinny jeans used to be.

I spent weeks trying to find the perfect pair and I finally found a pair and joyously bought them, caring not a bit that wearing them might reveal my age or make me uncool.

The fact is, I’ve learned that regardless of fashion, my staple black high waist skinnies, acid wash mom jeans and my huge 70s mid-blue denim flares, form the staple of my denim wardrobe and I don’t care a bit what anyone thinks of my jean choices!

What do your clothes reveal about your age?

According to Clemmie Fieldsend, if you’re aged between 20 and 30 then you’re most likely to be wearing athletic leisure clothing. In the 30 to 40 age group, the giveaway is skinny jeans (wrong, I’m 47!) and if you’re in the 40-50 age group then apparently you’ll be rocking leggings.

Jeans and your age

I mean I’ve got to be honest, it does feel that saying over 40s will be wearing leggings implies that at this age we’ve given up a bit, but hey, whatever provides comfort and practicality at any age gets my vote and we absolutely shouldn’t allow the fashion industry or the opinion of stylists and journalists pigeon hole us into conforming or believing that one item of clothing is more ‘age appropriate’ than another.

So over to you, do you fit into one of the above categories? Do you agree? We’d love to know your clothing preference, particularly what style of jeans you favour.

Whatever style of denim you wear, don’t forget that the original Holé button cover is ideal for popping over the button on your jeans, and is the best way to protect your tops from damage.


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