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How To Have Fun & Raise Funds on Christmas Jumper Day 2019

How To Have Fun & Raise Funds on Christmas Jumper Day 2019

With Christmas Jumper Day taking place on Friday 13th December this year, we're feeling the festive vibes so thought we'd give you the low down on how it all began and how to have as much fun on Christmas Jumper Day as possible!

Love them or loathe them, Christmas jumpers are here to stay! From novelty and kitsch, to ugly and retro, Christmas jumpers can divide opinion, but with everyone from die-hard fashionistas to Instagram influencers happy to wear them, it looks like most of us are happy to forget fashion sense for at least a day in order to take part.

So whether you strive to find the ugliest sweater possible to wear with irony or you opt for something subtle and tasteful, it seems that more and more of us are getting into the festive spirit and wearing Christmas jumpers.

Christmas Grinches of course are the natural opponent of the Christmas jumper. We all know at least one and they can take several forms. There's that person who straight out hates Christmas and all things seasonal; the one that refuses to even acknowledge Christmas until December 24th, or there's the one that takes themselves far too seriously to join in and look ridiculous. even if it is for a good cause.

Christmas Jumper Day

How Christmas Jumper Day Started

Although Christmas Jumper Day has become an annual event that many people are aware of thanks to trending hash tags on social media and take part in, did you know that here in the UK it was started back in 2012 by Save The Children as a fundraising initiative?

For workplaces and schools in particular, Christmas Jumper Day means any dress restrictions or uniform rules are generally relaxed for the day and in return employees or students make a small charity donation.

The money raised funds things like medicine, food, education and support for children all over the world.

To take part this year and to help raise funds, you can register for Christmas Jumper Day here.

Ways to have fun on Christmas Jumper Day!

Whether you're a reluctant wearer or have a winter wardrobe packed full of Christmas jumpers and can't wait for the first opportunity to wear one, below we've got some tips on how to have some fun and raise those all important funds on Christmas Jumper Day this year.

unique Christmas jumper

1. Get Creative & Think Sustainably

Instead of buying something new and cheap that will soon end up in landfill, why not simply get creative and decorate an existing jumper? Kids will love doing this especially - a bit of fabric glue tinsel and glitter is all it takes and hey-presto, you've got your very own unique Christmas jumper!

2. Raise Funds & Hold a Christmas Jumper Competition at Work/School/Uni

Organise a Christmas jumper competition at work, school or uni and ask people for a small donation on the day which will be given to Save The Children or the charity of your choice.

Give prizes out for the best (or should that be worst?!) Christmas jumpers or Christmas outfits, and how about providing an extra "Grinch" award for the person that makes the least effort or refuses to get involved in anyway?

3. Compete with Friends for the Most OTT Christmas Themed Outfit

Go-all out and instead of just wearing a Christmas Jumper wear Christmas EVERYTHING! From printed leggings to Christmas hats and snowflake earrings, challenge yourself and your mates to see just how OTT you can all go.

Don't just limit yourself to wearing a Christmas jumper for work, meet up with your mates on Friday evening after work and see just how tasteless, over the top, kitsch and Christmassy you can go!

4. Get Involved On Social Media

On Friday 13th December you can bet that the hashtag #ChristmasJumperDay will be trending, so why not snap a selfie and upload it to Twitter or Insta to show your support for the cause?

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