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More Fun & Fabulous Facts About Denim

More Fun & Fabulous Facts About Denim

We're back with some more weird and wonderful, fun and fantastical facts about denim. For such an everyday fabric there really is an awful lot to it, with a long history and an association with all things cool.

Read on for more fun and fabulous facts about denim...

Facts about denim

The link between denim and France

Denim fabric is highly regarded and known for its durability, and was first invented in the French city of Nimes during the 18th century.

Denim was initially intended to be used for workwear by sailors in the Genoa navy.

The origin of denim

The word "denim" has multiple origins and comes from the French phrase "serge de Nîmes," which means "serge from Nîmes." Nîmes was a town in France where the fabric was originally produced.

Levi's jeans were patented in 1873

Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, a tailor, received a patent for their "Improvement in Fastening Pocket-Openings" in 1873. This marked the birth of the iconic blue jeans we know today.

Copper rivets

In the early days of jeans production, the copper rivets still commonly seen on denim jeans, were not purely decorative as some think. They were actually used to strengthen stress points like pocket corners making the jeans even more durable.

Denim jeans and jacket

Accidental stonewashing

Stonewashing was a technique that was discovered accidentally. The popular stonewashed denim look was discovered in the 1970s when pumice stones were accidentally left in a washing machine. This resulted in a slightly worn and faded appearance that then became fashionable and is enjoying a current resurgence. 

Diamond encrusted jeans

The world's most expensive jeans cost a whopping $1.3 million. The Secret Circus jeans featured a rear pocket covered in diamonds and gold thread and hold the title of the most expensive jeans in the world. 

Double denim

The term "Canadian Tuxedo" refers to a double denim outfit consisting of a denim jacket and jeans worn together. The style gained notoriety when singer Bing Crosby was denied entry to a Canadian hotel for wearing an all-denim ensemble.

Selvedge denim

Selvedge denim refers to denim woven on traditional shuttle looms, producing a tightly woven fabric with a self-finished edge. It is highly regarded for its durability and vintage appeal.

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