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Fashion Trends We Hope Stay in The Past

Fashion Trends We Hope Stay in The Past

Fashion trends come and go and the great ones always come around again, consider things like flared denim jeans from the 70s, acid wash mom jeans in the 80s and bucket hats from the early 90s, all of which have come back into fashion... numerous times!

Fashion trends

Even the humble bum bag or fanny pack as our U.S. cousins call them (snigger), a staple in any 80s wardrobe, has made a come back. The difference being now that you'll find them referred to as 'hip packs' to try and avoid association with the Mr. Motivator neon fever dream that was the typical 1980s bum bag.

Read on for some fashion trends from the past few decades and our thoughts on whether they should remain relegated to the past or we’re happy to welcome back and one of them is definitely going to be controversial…

Trends that can stay in the past

Shoulder pads

As well as massive hair, the 1980s is synonymous with massive shoulders, thanks to the inexplicable obsession with shoulder pads. I mean, they weren't just in power suits, they seemed to be in everything!

Television series like Dallas and Dynasty that were seen as a bit glitzy and glam featured bold, beautiful and often formidable women, wearing this power-dressing staple which could be one reason they became so pervasive.

As far as we're concerned though, shoulder pads can remain one for the history books.

Shell suits

I don't think there's much of a case we need to state here, the very word can cause an involuntary shudder. Renowned for being made from lightweight, cheap, synthetic material, shell suits were often made in garish colours with a baggy over-sized tracksuit bottoms and matching zip up tracksuit tops.

Places like Urban Outfitters have been carrying shell suitesque pieces for some time, catering to the knowingly ironic hipster chic aesthetic, and yes, we grudgingly admit that a really naff shell suit top can look cool when it's styled properly, but a bright, garish entire shell suit? Nah fam. That can stay firmly in the past.

Jelly shoes

We get it. They were inexpensive and came in an array of gorgeous colours and what child of the 80s could resist? Not only that, there were matching jelly bags - what's not to love right?

Wrong. The shoes themselves were sweaty and squeaky and prone to rubbing, whilst those bizarre little cage like basket bags meant anything you carried was clearly on show and try carrying something like a lip balm...impossible! Anything small would just slip straight though, lost forever.

For those reasons, jelly shoes can stay safely away from us back in the 80s thanks very much.

Jelly bean shoes 80s fashion


Trends that can come back to stay

Platform shoes

The wearing of huge platform shoes has never really gone out of style since they first appeared in the 60s. They played a big part in the early 90s rave and dance scene and then became more mainstream when members of the Spice Girls were regularly snapped wearing them. 

Depending on your aesthetic, whether it's big clompy New Rocks, 90s throwback Buffalo trainers or a towering pair of sparkly discotastic platform heels paired with a maxi dress, platforms are one trend we're always happy to welcome back.

Ugg boots (controversial!)

OK, wait though, hear us out! The classic Ugg boot was indeed worn outdoors, but strictly by surfers needing to warm up after being on the water. When they became popular in the UK in the 90s, most Aussies were only wearing Uggs as slippers. 

Worn as boots outdoors they aren't pretty, but as slippers? They are without exception the comfiest, most long-lasting, cosiest slippers you'll ever wear, so classic Uggs can stay, but only if you promise to never wear them outside m'kay?

Trends we like

Bucket hats

Big with ravers in the early 90s, the Kangol bucket hat defined a generation of ravers, gurning the night away at Helter Skelter, Entropy, Dreamscape, Fantazia and many, many more!

They later caught on with the indie kids and bucket hats continued their reign. By the end of the 90s though, bucket hats were no longer cool, that is until they made a recent comeback.

In terms of a laidback, cool-kid aesthetic and with some gorgeous prints from the likes of Lucy & Yak, cool surf brands like Roxy and Billabong and even premium brands like Prada, bucket hats have re-emerged, and call it nostalgia, but bucket hats are welcome to stay. 

Of course this is all just for fun and we are huge fans of wearing whatever the heck you like and being as authentic and outlandish as you like, regardless of trends. Keep whatever you like to wear hole-free with Holé Button Covers for jeans.


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