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Great Reasons to Embrace the Change In Season & Love Autumn

Great Reasons to Embrace the Change In Season & Love Autumn

Already summer feels like it is a distant memory and with the days getting shorter and the temperature starting to drop, the change in season is well and truly underway. Whilst you might already be lamenting the loss of longer days and sunshine, autumn brings with it its own distinct joys, so In this feature we share with you some great reasons to embrace Autumn.

I have a confession to make. Autumn is my very favourite time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the sunshine and long endless days of summer, barbecues in the garden, days at the beach and all the other joys of summer, but what I don’t miss is feeling hot, sweaty and cranky! I also love the energy and promise of spring and snuggling up and hunkering down in winter, but if push came to shove, autumn would definitely make it to first place in my list of favourite seasons.

As the nights begin to draw in and I start to miss long summer’s days, I like to remind myself of all the great reasons there are to embrace the colder, darker months of autumn and winter.

Fall in love with Autumn!

Did you know? Here in the UK we have two different dates that signify the start of autumn. From a meteorological perspective, autumn always starts on 1st September, but from an astronomical perspective, this date changes based on the earths axis and orbit, which means autumn 2020 beings on 22nd September.

For some time now I’ve practiced mindfulness and it has helped to make me more acutely aware of the seasons, of the small changes that I never really used to give much thought to or even really notice.

In being more mindful, I feel like I’ve learned to embrace the change in the seasons more than I used to and I’ve learned that every season has its own charm, but none more so in my mind, than autumn.

Comfort food and tasty things in season

For those of us who like to grow things at home, now is the time of year when most of our hard work in the garden pays off. Potatoes, runner beans and all sorts of edible yummy stuff can be harvested now, but perhaps my greatest joy is in picking enormous round cooking apples from the tree in my garden, which provides enough apples for me and some of my neighbours to cook with for many weeks!

Nothing says autumn quite like a delicious homemade apple crumble and the first crumble of the season is always a cause for celebration in our household!

The turning of the leaves

Of course one of the first things many people notice after sunset getting earlier and earlier each day are the colours in the leaves on trees. As soon as autumn hits the vibrant green leaves that have festooned trees for the last few months begin to change.

From yellow to brown, orange to red, autumn foliage is a joy to behold so make the most of this beautiful seasonal spectacle before the leaves start dropping in ever greater numbers, leaving the streets covered in a crunchy brown carpet.

Embracing Autumn

The return of comfy snuggly clothing

If you follow the advice of fashion and lifestyle experts, you’ll have a summer wardrobe and a winter wardrobe. It’s recommended that once the weather turns, you pack away all of your summer clothes into the spare room or attic to keep your home and wardrobe better organised.

If you’re organised enough to stick to such advice, now is the time of year that you can venture back up into the attic or retrieve your suitcase or box of winter clothes and experience the simply joy that a favourite warm snuggly hoody or sweatshirt can provide.

There’s something so reassuringly comforting about snuggling up in warm comfy clothes or curling up under a blanket to ward off the chill and welcoming my winter wardrobe back into my life always feels like greeting an old friend.

Crisp clean air and sunshine

From late August onwards in the UK that air takes on a decidedly autumnal feel to it, there’s something about the crispness of autumn air that’s hard to put your finger on, yet is so unmistakable.

Autumn is a lovely time to get outdoors and explore, from countryside rambles to full-on hill stomps and day hikes, spending time outdoors in autumn will help provide you with a much-needed top up of your vitamin D levels before winter sets in. So don’t be fooled into thinking autumn means staying indoors and hibernating! The weather in September and October is often mild, dry and sunny making it the ideal season to enjoy the great outdoors.

So now’s the time to embrace your winter wardrobe, pull on your fave comfy jeans and sweater,  make yourself a hot chocolate, snuggle up and enjoy all that autumn has to offer.

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