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6 Easily Wearable Autumn & Winter 2020 Wardrobe Trends

6 Easily Wearable Autumn & Winter 2020 Wardrobe Trends

Whether you follow trends closely or prefer to forge your own unique style, there’s no doubt that the colder winter months change how we dress, not least from a practical point of view which means we’re dressing more for warmth and comfort.

Now is the time to say hello to our favourite jeans, jumpers and cardigans and of course the change in season always provides a great excuse to shop for a new winter coat or boots!

Some of the biggest trends we’ve picked up on this season include;

1. Balloon sleeves

Huge balloon sleeves are seriously big (in more ways than one!) and have been creeping up on us all summer, this autumn however balloon sleeves are everywhere. From blouses to knitwear, big sleeves are definitely in!

Just bear in mind from a practicality point of view, a chunky knit sweater with big balloon sleeves will need to be paired with a jacket or coat with equally voluminous sleeves large enough to accommodate the bulk!

2. Golden glitter

Rose gold seems to have had its day and this season it’s all about the more is more ultra-glam look and nothing says glam like gold, even better if it’s gold and glittery! Party season is likely to be very different this year what with local lockdowns and restrictions on gatherings, but there’s no reason why you can’t still look extra.

Gold party dress trends 2020

This seasons trend towards gold is ideally suited to party dresses and accessories. So If you’re adapting and planning a NYE party by Zoom this year, you’re still going to want to sparkle and shine in a killer party dress and let’s be honest, after all the gloom of this crazy year,  going a bit OTT with sparkle and shine can only be a good thing right?

3. Chunky oversized cardigans

Cardigans once consider the domain of fussy great aunts and ancient grannies have made a big come back and as well as looking bang on-trend, they’re super practical for layering.

Chunky knitted cardigans are so easy to wear and are the ideal way to add extra warmth to your outfit. The bigger the better seems to be the current trend and we’ve spotted lots of rainbow colours, cute applique cardigans and animal prints.

4. It’s all about the accessories

With ‘waist-up’ dressing is still very much a thing thanks to millions of us who remain working from home, statement accessories are an autumn/winter 2020 essential.

From huge earrings to kitsch necklaces (check out the wonderful creations on offer from Tatty Divine) you can get away with slinging on leggings and a sweatshirt for work this winter, but for impromptu video meetings, make sure you’re still looking fierce with some bold, statement jewellery.

5. Faux fur

Faux fur and teddy fur coats and even hoodies are everywhere this season! Again when it comes to faux fur coat the trend it towards chunky and oversized which is good news after putting on a bit of chub over lockdown!

Faux fur coats look great and they are a lot of fun too with a huge variety of styles and colours to choose from, from acid pink to leopard print, faux fur is the way to go for jackets with real snuggle appeal, just remember that synthetic fur is rubbish in the rain, so make sure you keep an umbrella close at hand if you’re out and about!

6. Checked jackets

When it comes to coats and jackets, checks are big news this season. What we love most about this trend is that checked prints are pretty timeless, in fact, if you’re a wardrobe hoarder you might get lucky and find a checked jacket relic from the 90’s still lurking at the back of your wardrobe!

The trend for checked isn’t just confined to jackets though, it’s easy to get in on the trend with a checked skirt or blouse. Check out these Autumn/Winter 2020 trends from Vogue.

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