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Are Your Kitchen Counter-tops Ruining Your Tops And T-shirts?

Are Your Kitchen Counter-tops Ruining Your Tops And T-shirts?

There is a laundry list of why these tiny holes occur in your tops and t-shirts. The most common reason is hardware. Your jeans button, your belt buckle and even your zipper if it sticks out, all lead to tiny holes in the front of your tops. Jeans hardware combined with friction from leaning against something like your kitchen counter would be the number one cause. Add in some granite or stone countertops and voila, mysterious tiny holes in a shirt you just bought. It does not matter if you spent £5 or £50, if you have a top made from thin material and are wearing jeans, leaning into a hard surface, you better believe you will be getting holes.  

We tested a number of tops that ranged from Asda to Jigsaw - all were made from cotton and some had a hint of Lycra for stretch. It did not matter how much the top was, the outcome was always tiny holes. Sometimes it took a few hours and sometimes it took a few weeks. The common denominators in the testing included a pair of jeans and a granite countertop. We think that if you have wood, you will eventually get holes, maybe not as quickly as granite, but this was not tested. We also found that tiny holes could be height dependant, so if you were petite or quite tall your top/button/countertop abrasion was not so apparent because if you were leaning into the counter it would not hit at that “sweet spot” to induce tiny holes.

Preventative Measures

You can take preventative measures to reduce the occurrence of these tiny holes in the kitchen:

  1. Wear an apron to reduce the friction of the shirt/button/counter top.
  2. Tuck in your top.
  3. Put duct tape or masking tape over your jeans button.
  4. If you run your hand along the edge of the granite, check that there’s no chipped edges or bits that stick out as this can snag your tops. You can get a stonemason to smooth out these edges apparently.
  5. Wear leggings.
  6. Wear a t-shirt that you don’t care about damaging in the kitchen.
  7. Wear heels so your hips are above the counter to prevent leaning.
  8. Try Holé and cover your jeans button for hole prevention.



May 18, 2020 • Posted by Glenda

Ridiculous that someone would pay thousands of dollars for a countertop and then not be able to do anything in their kitchen without wearing an apron. I don’t want to wear an apron. I am at my kitchen sink many times a day and I do no want to have to put on an apron every time I get near my countertop! There must be another solution. Called the company that I bought countertop from and a man came out with a little piece of sandpaper in his hand. What he did, did not help any.

Jul 17, 2019 • Posted by Marilyn

I figured this out awhile ago. I don’t think your jeans button has anything to do with it. And they appear quick. I had on a new lands end t shirt one day and little holes appeared. I even wore an apron doing dishes. The little bit working around granite without it was all it took. I have discovered that 100% polyester doesn’t get holes!! So my everyday wardrobe is getting updated to these. Granite must have microscopic abrasive surface that you can’t stop. I suspect my stainless farm sink does too😕

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