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Simple Tips to Help You Adopt More Of A 'Make Do And Mend' Mentality

Simple Tips to Help You Adopt More Of A 'Make Do And Mend' Mentality

Over the past few months, shopping habits appear to have changed. With many non-essential shops closed and many of us earning less than we typically would, we've been forced to examine our shopping habits, leading us to focus more on buying only the essentials.

With an ever-increasing emphasis on more sustainable living, and in particular on the need to make more sustainable shopping choices though, could we see a revival of the kind of 'make do and mend' mentality that saw the country get through years' of rationing following the second world war?

Upcycling and crafing

Scarcity of supplies and reduced access to shops meant that in the days of our grandparents, people had no choice but to make do and mend. These days when you notice a whole in an item of clothing, very few of us would attempt to rescue that item by mending it enough to make it fit for purpose again, choosing instead to just toss it into the bin.

Many people found solace in crafts during lockdown, leading to a huge increase in demand for yarn, needle-craft supplies and more, with craft suppliers reporting record sales, so one thing is for sure, craft has definitely enjoyed a resurgence in popularity.

With more of us knitting, crocheting, sewing and having a go at things like Macrame and Punch Needle, will this new found confidence lead to more of us not only making some of our own clothes and homewares, but perhaps it means more of us will have a go at repairing holes and ripped seams, helping us take a positive step towards more sustainable living?

Furniture upcycling

Simple tips to help you get into a 'make do and mend' mentality

Share your skills

You might be surprised by some of the skills friends have, so why not arrange 'crafternoon' get together with friends where you can swap skills? Whether you're a dab hand with a sewing machine or can crochet pretty much anything, whatever practical skills you've picked up over the years, why not pass them on?

Challenge yourself to learn a new craft

Have you always wanted to knit a pair of crazy coloured stripy socks? Always fancied trying out the Japanese art of Kintsugi (putting broken ceramics back together, and highlighting the breaks, typically with gold), or perhaps you'd like to turn your hand to something bigger like making your own furniture or dress making?

Whatever it is, you might surprise yourself and find that you have an undiscovered talent, so get stuck in and get learning. Either book a class or workshop, follow tutorials on YouTube or buy some supplies and simply get stuck in with some hands on learning.

Have a go at upcycling

Whether it's an old coffee table that's seen better days or an old pair of jeans, upcylcing is seriously cool and means you can easily give something old, broken or unloved a new lease of life.

From sanding down wooden furniture and bringing up to date with chalk paint or a cool crackle gaze, to turning an old pair of jeans into cut off shorts, upcycling provides you with the opportunity to get creative and to make something truly unique, extending the life of the original item, keeping it out of landfill.

Gift something homemade

The personal thought and effort that goes into creating a homemade gift can often mean that are much more meaningful for the recipient. Whether it's an aromatherapy candle incorporating their favourite scent, a crocheted bag in their favourite colours, or even just a homemade card, using your skills to make gifts for friends and family is a great way making use of craft supplies you already have.

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