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10 Strange Clothing Mysteries Solved

10 Strange Clothing Mysteries Solved

We’re aware that our Holé button covers for jeans are a real conversation starter, with lots of theories out there about where those pesky tiny holes in shirts near waist come from. It got us thinking about those other enigmas in life, especially when it comes to clothes. With Curious Events Day, International Sceptics Day, and Halloween on the horizon; read on for the 10 strange clothing mysteries solved...

Unnecessary Buttons And Rivets On Jeans

Have you ever wondered about why those little metal buttons and rivets are on your jeans and other denim items, on corners of pockets and loops? Well, their main purpose is not usually decorative as most people believe. The metal rivets are placed on specific parts of your jeans which are more prone to tearing and rubbing, due to movement or wear. They have been around since the 1870s, when a housewife went to a tailor for help because her husband’s work clothes were disintegrating too quickly!

Little Pocket In Your Jeans

There are lots of theories about that little pocket you find in jeans; people carry money, make-up and all sorts of other things in it, but do you know the real reason for it? Well, the reality is that gold miners commonly wore denim jeans in California in the mid-nineteenth century, and one of the essential items they carried was their pocket watch. So, the answer to your question is this fifth pocket was designed to protect their expensive pocket watches!

little pockets on denim jeans

Small Squares Of Cloth That Come With New Clothes

Little squares of fabric, buttons and beads; included so you can repair your new item of clothing, right? Although they can be used for that, their main purpose it to actually test cleaning products before using them on the piece of clothing, to check that it doesn’t ruin them in any way!

Half-Belt On The Back Of Coats

Usually used on trench coats and pea coats, the half-belt on the back of these coats was developed for army men. They wore large jackets, so the purpose of the half-belt was to collect all of the extra material, so the soldiers could walk freely.

Pompoms On Beanies

Perfect for colder weather; everyone loves a beanie hat with a fluffy pom pom or two, right? Did you know that this popular fashion accessory was created initially for French Sailors?! It’s believed that some of them used to hit their head on the inside of the boat if the ceilings were too low, so someone came up with this clever solution to protect their heads! It was later used for armies and trickled down to the fashion industry. So if you’re ever on a boat, be sure to take a beanie with pom poms!

pom poms on beanies

Small Pocket In Female Underwear

Although many women have found useful uses for this extra little space in their underwear, it wasn’t originally intended to be used as a pocket. This extra piece of fabric is sewn in, providing an extra layer for hygiene, but to save time and money, manufacturers just don’t sew the end up!

Extra Holes On The Sides Of Converse Shoes

We were gobsmacked when we found this out about Converse sneakers… most people, like us, assumed that the two extra holes you get on the side of Converse were to air your footwear out to keep your feet fresher for longer, but no! Designed to fit basketball players, the holes you see in Converse allow them to adapt the fit of their shoes, by threading their shoelaces through; pulling them in for a slimmer and more snug fit!

jeans and converse trainers with eyelets

Holes In Running Shoes And Trainers

At some point, we’ve all thought about those extra holes at the top of your trainers and who actually laces them all the way up?! They are cleverly designed so that runners can tie their shoes in different ways, depending on their feet and any injuries; giving them a customised fit to the type of race and terrain they’ll be running on.

Wooden Coat Hangers

Wooden coat hangers are elegant, refined, look nice, but are a little bit pricey sometimes. Coathangers say a lot about the quality of a hotel when you open the wardrobe! Did you know that these hangers are usually made from durable cedar wood, which is known to repel insects, moths, give out a fresh scent and maintain a delightful aroma; so they’re perfect for hanging expensive coats or tasty woollen clothing on to prevent them from getting eaten. You learn something new everyday.

wooden coat hanger or coathanger to stop moths and insects

Holes In Your Tops

Last but not least, have you noticed any holes in the bottom of your top, tee or shirt? Well, a lot of the time, these are caused by the button on your jeans or trousers rubbing against the fabric of your top. That’s where we come in! Don’t believe us? It’s a thing; check out the hundreds of reviews from happy customers who know what we’re talking about! You can read all about Holé Button Covers on our website, or add a pack straight to your shopping cart, and receive them pronto! 

We hope you’ve learned something from this blog; we sure did when we started looking into it! ‘15+ Easy-To-Miss Things That Will Definitely Change Our Lives For the Better’ blog from AMOMEDIA was a great read; find out why coins have ridges on the outside, why notebooks have margins, and why headrests in cars are removable. 

We’d love to hear which fact you were most surprised by, and your feedback on our product.

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