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Picture this... you’re getting ready, throwing on some jeans and your favourite T-shirt only to look down and realise that there are tiny holes that have somehow accumulated at the bottom of your top.

Sound familiar? Where did those tiny holes come from?

The holes are coming from the button on your jeans or trousers!

Holé is your answer to protecting your tops from a cluster of tiny holes but there are other preventative tips to be aware of:

  • If you have bits of other hardware on your jeans such as your zip sticks out, the zipper teeth are visible or you wear a belt, this can cause rubbing, which will lead to holes so Holé can only do so much as cover the button.
  • Zip, button and turn inside out. Do this to your jeans prevent your jeans hardware from snagging delicate tops and t-shirts in the wash.
  • Rub your hand along the edge of your kitchen counter - if you have rough edges or bits of stone that stick out be mindful of leaning on these areas as they can snag your tops.