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Wear Red Day 2020 & The Psychology of Colour

Wear Red Day 2020 & The Psychology of Colour

7th February 2020 marks the annual fundraising initiative by Children’s Heart Surgery Fund to help both children and adults born with congenial heart disease. They urge people taking part to wear red and to join in with fundraising activities.

If you’re thinking of taking part or just want an easy excuse to dress head to toe in red, here are some ways you could get involved.

Easy Fundraising Ideas

  • Host a Bake Off! Open a stand and sell delicious treats and of course, make sure you decorate any cakes or bakes with red icing or red sprinkles
  • Go on a sponsored walk. Get naturally red in the cheeks
  • Dress your pets in red. Share the fun with your furry friends
  • Guess how many red sweets are in the jar
  • Simply wear red, it’s really that easy. Red tie, red socks, red scarf, red hat… or maybe all of them together!
  • See who can wear the reddest outfit, don’t forget that accessories all count too!
  • Take a photo of yourself and post it on social media using the hashtag #WearRedDay

Find out more and register for Wear Red Day 2020.

Wearing red

The Psychology Behind the Colour Red

Regardless of whether you fancy getting involved in Wear Red Day 2020 or not, we’ve unearthed some interesting facts about the colour red.

It turns out that wearing certain bold colours like red can not only affect your mood, but they play a role in building the first impressions of people that you meet.

Red is a bold colour that inspires action and demands attention and when a stranger observes someone wearing red, it sends out signals about that person which could mean that the wearer is perceived as being more confident and assertive. People might even assume that those who wear red are more passionate and successful!

There can be a downside to red though, as red is often associated with danger (think of warning signs that use red to get the message across) and to some, red can make them feel threatened as it can sometimes be regarded as an aggressive colour.

The ideal time to wear red

  • Whilst negotiating a deal
  • During business networking and professional events
  • When you want to stand out and grab attention
  • When you’re trying to influence or persuade others
  • When you want to convey passion or power
  • Whenever you jolly well feel like wearing red!

You can read more about the psychology of colour here.

Psychology of colour red

Fun facts about the colour red

  • Did you know it’s been scientifically proven that we are more attracted to people when they are wearing red, or even if they are just wearing red accessories?
  • 9% of women and 7% of men claim that red is their favourite colour.
  • When taking part in combat sports athletes wearing red had a greater choice of winning compared to those wearing blue kit.
  • The word red in Russian is based on their root word for beautiful.
  • Red does not make bulls angry – they are actually colour blind!
  • Red is the colour most often used on flags in the world, with approximately 77% of flags incorporating the colour red.
  • Many people believe that it’s Coca-Cola who turned Father Christmas red in the early thirties, but he was commonly represented as wearing red long before this.

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