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The Two Camps Of T-Shirt Holes

The Two Camps Of T-Shirt Holes

There are two camps.
There are those that know and those that think I'm crazy.
There is no in-between.

Holé Button Cover Sceptics

Sometimes I almost get embarrassed when I say what I've invented when the person has never experienced the tiny hole in their t-shirt phenomenon. They look at me and usually say..."people actually buy those? Yes, they do actually buy them and if you had tiny holes in your tshirts and you found this product you would buy them too! I don't know why I get annoyed or embarrassed because I should be proud to have invented something that prevents a fashion problem that is experienced by so many people around the world.

Holé Button Cover Fans

The other half, those that get the holes, have a type and I think this is it - women who wear jeans, no belts, t-shirts, have stone countertops and may or may not have kids, but usually those with kids - that is simply my observation and backed up by some customers.


When I first experienced the tiny holes I just thought it was a byproduct of wearing thinner tops and tshirts, I dismissed it, but as it happened on virtually every tshirt I wore I set out to investigate the issue. I found myself discussing the tiny holes with friends over cocktails or family on holiday and same thing - half could relate and half thought I was nuts!

The Two Camps Of T-Shirt Holes - Which One Are You?

It would be interesting to hear what you think? Do you think there are two camps? If you do experience tiny t-shirt holes does the same happen to you when discussing the issue? 


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