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The New Styles Of Jeans You Need To Know About

The New Styles Of Jeans You Need To Know About

Which Jeans Are On-Trend In 2019?

We’ve all heard of the basic jeans types; straight, bootcut and skinny, but what about all the others in between? Many shops even have their own names for different jean styles, such as Joni, Jayden and Jamie at Topshop! As there are so many options when it comes to jeans for women nowadays, and London Fashion Week on the horizon, we thought we’d cover the more unusual ones so it’s a little bit clearer next time you go clothes shopping!

What Are Cigarette Jeans?

Also called 'Stovepipe Pants', 'Pencil Pants' or 'Slim-Fit Jeans'; Cigarette Jeans are not quite skinny but not quite straight. Usually snug on the thigh area, then more relaxed over the calves; they tend to stop just an inch or two above the ankle.

What Are Boyfriend Jeans?

Have you ever borrowed (or stolen) a boyfriends jeans? Super comfy, relaxed and casual; Boyfriend Jeans will look just like you've raided your fellas wardrobe. The fit of Boyfriend Jeans will be looser around your thighs, but not overly loose.

The 'boyfriend' jeans style of cut originates from the first true blue jeans created in 1873, and did you know that Marilyn Monroe began the boyfriend jean craze way back in the 60s when she was spotted in a loose-fitting pair of jeans on the set of Misfits.

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What Are Girlfriend Jeans?

Girlfriend Jeans are basically a more feminine version of Boyfriend Jeans. A more classic fit, they tend to be tighter and higher on the hip, with a tapered, slim straight leg. Also called ‘Slim Boyfriend Jeans’, they’re designed with ladies in mind, for a more flattering fit.

What Are Mom Jeans?

If you’re thinking 90s, unflattering and unfashionable, then you’re wrong! Mom Jeans have been given an update and are everywhere. Usually coming with a high waist (making your bum appear longer and flatter), long back pockets and a more relaxed fit around the zip area and tapered legs; Mom Jeans are back!

What Are Pleated Jeans?

Pleated Jeans are jeans with pleats; not pleats all down the legs though! Pleated Jeans were very popular in the 80s, and like Mom Jeans, they’re back! Worn on the waist, they have pleats at the waistband to allow a more roomy, relaxed fit.

What Are Cargo Jeans?

Remember Cargo Pants or Utility Trousers? Well Cargo-Style Jeans are a denim version of these. Either real or just for detail, they come with lots of pockets, zips and other features; Cargo Jeans can be fashionable and functionable at the same time!

What Are Deconstructed Vintage Jeans?

All over the catwalks; say hello to Deconstructed Vintage Jeans. Made up of more than one pair of jeans, with different colours and fabrics, quirky double multiple pockets and raw or uneven hems, they’ll really make a statement so they’re not for the faint-hearted. You’ll find a variety of deconstructed looking jeans throughout the High Street.

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Hopefully you’re now a little wiser when it comes to jeans trends 2019, don’t forget to add some Holé Button Covers to your basket, to protect all of your favourite tops from your new denim purchase!



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