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Your Easy Guide to Button Covers

Your Easy Guide to Button Covers

From decorative to practical protection, we take a deep dive into the world of button covers. Looking at the different types, their ideal uses and more. Read on for your easy guide to button covers...

Jean buttons

Button covers is an umbrella term that can be used to describe a variety of similar, but crucially different products. The function and purpose of each type differs greatly, so to help differentiate and understand the relative benefits and uses of each, we've put this handy guide together.

1. Suit & Shirt Button Covers

In the world of menswear, button covers is the name generally given to cufflink list decorative, metal covers.

These can be cliped on top of existing buttons and provide a cufflink like appearance, or they can be added to dress shirts to cover up boring standard plastic shirt buttons to make them stand out and make more of a visual statement.

2. Button Jewels

Similar to the menswear button covers discussed above, these are generally more feminine and heavily embelished, typically with jewels.

These glitzy and glam button jewels create an additional focal point and are ideally used on button-down blouses and shirts and can turn perhaps a plain top, into something a bit more exciting and fun!

Jean buttons

3. Fabric Self Cover Buttons

Fabric button covers refer to buttons with a rounded rather than a flat profile, designed for dressmakers and crafters to cover with their own choice of fabric.

This makes them ideal for all sorts of projects where decorative fabric buttons that match or contrast with the fabric in a garment, accessories, craft project or even in an upholstery project, for example when updating a padded fabric headboard. 

4. Protective Button Covers

Now here's a type of button cover we can really get stuck into, becuase this is exactly what our very own Holé Button Cover is!

Protective button covers like Hole are made out of super soft silicone and are designed to be stretched and popped over existing buttons on trousers and jeans. 

The soft covers provide an effective barrier and stops the friction that can occur when the buttons on trousers are rubbed against fabric over and over again. This protective barrier prevents holes in clothes, keeping your tops hole-free for longer.

You can purchase and find out more about the Original Holé Button Cover here.


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