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Hot Denim Trends For Summer 2021

Hot Denim Trends For Summer 2021

As socialising slowly begins to step up, it's likely that you'll also be changing up your wardrobe and ditching the lycra and joggers in favour of denim. We speak to fashion boutique owner Lauren, who shares the hottest denim trends of 2021 with us.

Denim trends for 2021

For the best part of a year most of us have been working from home meaning that suits, formalwear and even our jeans haven't seen the light of day for many months. We've got used to living an easy laidback loungewear life, waking up in the morning and flinging on whatever's close to hand and clean.

Comfort has been the order of the day, and as we emerge from our homes bleary eyed and dazed, wondering how on earth to people, it's time to also rekindle our pre-lockdown sense of style and a wardrobe staple many of us are happy to welcome back into our post-lockdown lives are our beloved denim jeans.

Lauren, owner of Smudge Boutique in Liverpool told us:

"Denim trends have definitely shifted to a more relaxed fit this season. Although the skinny jean will always have a place, the trend has leaned towards a straight or wide leg fit. Lots of the styles we have seen coming through have a definite sixties element to them, think high waists, wide leg style with a blouse.

For summer the lighter washes are always more popular and we’re seeing a lot of crop and distress edges.

We’ve seen a reinvigoration of the boot cut jean but with more of a crop to it, more of a kick flare. The high waist I think is here to stay as, thankful the low slung jean is a thing of the past. It’s great to see how much brands now take their comfort level into account with denim.

Now lots of brands spend a lot of time developing that stretch and give within denim without it loosing it’s shape. No longer are we fighting to get into them after they’ve been in the wash and disappointed when they are too baggy in the wrong places a few hours later.

High rise cropped jeans

The DL1961 Hepburn wide leg high rise jeans shown above are bang on trend for 2021.

For summer the lighter washes are always more popular and we’re seeing a lot of crop and distress edges. My advice would always be to invest in a decent pair of jeans. Denim when it fits well, looks fantastic and it’s something you can pull out of your wardrobe every day."

Lauren goes on to raise a valid point about sustainabiity, supporting the 'buy once, buy well ethos' telling us;

"I always think of cost per wear. If it’s something you’ll wear relentlessly then it’s worth spending a bit more on."

When it comes to favourite demin brands Lauren told us;

"Some of my favourite brands are Frame denim, Levis have really developed their range of fits and styles and DL1961 who are super focussed on ethically making their jeans with less of an impact on the planet whilst also really focussing on fit."

3 Hot Denim Trends For 2021

With that in mind, If you're looking for a simple way top bring your post-lockdown look up to date, these are 3 simple jeans trends to bear in mind for 2021.

1. Wide Legged Cropped Jeans

Think back to those wide leg jeans you saw in the early 90's, but this time, instead of dragging on the floor, almost covering your adidas Gazelles, the new wide leg jeans are cropped well above the ankle.

2. Straight Leg Jeans

We think straight legged jeans look best in a classic denim blue with a high waist. For those with more of a pear shape, it's easy for straight legged jeans to cling to thighs and end up looking more boot cut, so you might need to try a few different makes before you find the straight leg jean that works for your body shape, but they should turn out to be a versatile jean you can dress up or down.

3. Barrel Leg Jeans

We see these as the evolution of 'mom' jeans that were popular a couple of years ago. They have a relaxed and easy to wear shape and go just as well with a big oversized sweatshirt or hoodie as they do with something tight fitting or more tailored. 

The key thing to remember though is that black skinnies are out and blue jeans (including the 80s stalwart stonewash) are firmly back in.

Whatever your jean of choice, don't forget to look after your tops by using the Original Holé Button Covers.


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