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Avoid Costly Motorbike Fuel Tank Scratches With Holé Button Covers

Avoid Costly Motorbike Fuel Tank Scratches With Holé Button Covers

Have you been wondering how to stop your motorcycle fuel tank from getting scratched? You can of course opt for motorcycle tank pads that cover the fuel tank and will help to protect it from scratches, but Holé Button Covers could provide an even simpler and cheaper alternative.

Whilst fuel tank protectors are effective, they can impact the way your bike looks, with most on the market designed to fit the look and feel of a sports bike. For some cruisers and classic motorcycles however, tank protectors might not work so well from an aesthetic point of view.

Goodbye Mysterious Fuel Tank Scratches!

Getting on and off your bike and even your riding position can mean that the clothes you wear could make damaging the paintwork more likely. Scratches and even wear patches from metal buttons on your motorcycle jacket buttons however, can be effectively prevented by popping a Holé button cover over your jacket buttons.

Hole button covers

Holé scilicone covers provide a gel-like barrier, meaning there's no danger of metal buttons on your clothing scraping against the metal of your fuel tank.

For motorcycle owners who don't want to spoil or alter the look of their bike by applying a tank cover or pad, Holé button covers could provide the perfect solution.

Don't just take our word for it though, recent customer Chris told us:

"I ride a motorcycle and have a nice wax cotton jacket with brass buttons, but they have a nasty habit of scratching the tank when riding. You can get fuel tank protectors, but they don't look great on a retro bike like mine.

By using Holé button covers, they fit over the buttons on my jacket almost perfectly and crucially protect the edge of the button from scratching the fuel tank. I've been looking for a solution like this for ages, so thank you!"

You can see our full range of Holé button covers here.


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