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Embracing Goblin Mode This Autumn

Embracing Goblin Mode This Autumn

In case you've no idea what on earth goblin mode means, let's kick things off with the official definition from the Oxford Dictionary.

"Goblin mode: a type of behavior which is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy, typically in a way that rejects social norms or expectations."

We think the ever shortening days and the encroaching darkness we face as Autumn progresses is the perfect time to activate and embrace goblin mode, so we wanted to write a blog dedicated to activating your inner goblin!

Cosy autumn living

What Is Goblin Mode?

We regard it as a form of Hygge. If you're still unsure, think of indulging your love of Starbies spiced pumpkin lattes, eating yummy food that makes you feel good. Homemade soups with an absurd number of pieces of fresh-baked bread slathered in butter, delicious pies and casseroles, apple crumbles and anything else you might regard as comfort food.

It also means wrapping up in oversized cardies, pulling on your fave jeans, comfy boots, fluffy slippers...an excuse to invest in a new winter coat. Raiding TK Max for cinnamon and apple scented candles. Refusing invitations to go out and instead curing up on the sofa perhaps with a fur baby or a bottle of wine and smashing through an entire Netflix box set...

Frankly, what's not to love about goblin mode?

Activating Goblin Mode

🧶 Cozy Knits

Bid farewell to your lightweight summer wardrobe and embrace the warmth and comfort of autumn. We're not gonna lie, we're all for chunky sweaters, oversized cardigans and feeling snug and cosy in fleece, faux fur, brushed cotton and sheepskin.

When it comes to goblin mode, if you're not in oversized loungewear, you're probably doing it wrong.

😴 Naps

Let's face it, most of us work extremely hard and spend more time working than we do relaxing. Whether you're on your feet all day, working in a soul destroying office, running after kids or simply taking care of the household, many of us don't get enough sleep and rarely feel well rested.

Activating goblin mode gives you permission to slow down and rest. So lie on the sofa, take that nap, got to bed early and catch up on some sleep, turn down invitations and say no for as long as it takes for you to recharge your battery. Listen to what your body needs and spend at least a weekend tuning into your intuition and indulging your whims

🎆 Bonfires and Fireworks

Autumn brings us closer to bonfire night, a tradition deeply rooted in British culture. Gathering around a roaring bonfire, watching the night sky light up with fireworks, and enjoying toffee apples and hot chocolate with loved ones is an experience that warms the soul.

Autumn pumpkin carving

🤗 Comfort Food

Soup, casseroles, roast dinners...whatever your favourite winter comfort food is, now is the perfect time to indulge. Embrace seasonal foods and find joy in creating simple, fresh, wholesome food or if that's not your thing, go full goblin and order your fave take out.

The key here is indulging in what you want and really enjoying it. This is a guilt-free zone!

🎃 Pumpkin Carving & Autumn Crafts

You don't need to have kids to do this! Visit a pumpkin farm to pick the perfect pumpkin or just pick one up from the local farm shop or supermarket, and then have some fun!

There are loads of patterns you can follow to provide you with inspiration, then spend an afternoon or evening carving pumpkins. Whether you choose something simple and traditional or prefer to create something a bit more challenging, whimsical pumpkin creations bring a sense of playfulness to the season.

🍂 Embracing Nature

Autumn provides an excellent time to get outdoors, and whilst this might go against the slow, slothful and indulgent tenet of goblin mode, supporting our physical health is just as important as supporting our mental health.

Indeed, spending time outdoors has increasingly been proven to support mental health, so pull on those boots and head outdoors. It doesn't have to be dramatic, we're not suggesting you go on fell run (unless that's your thing of course) but it's good to balance the lounging with some fresh air and gentle physical activity.

Embracing Goblin Mode this autumn

🦥 Slow Living

Slow living is receiving an increased number of proponents with the slow living and slow hiking and even slow running concept being embraced all over the social media.

Instead of living at 100 miles per hour, more people are realising that the  treadmill of productivity and chasing endless achievements isn't great for our health or wellbeing.

Learning to say no, doing less and importantly, learning that there's no need to feel guilt for slowing down, is the key to allowing our nervous systems to calm down, supporting improved wellbeing.

Whilst the cooler temperatures make it an ideal time to explore outdoors (hikes in Autumn are seriously awesome), if getting outdoors and doing 'stuff' is a vibe you're just not feeling, embracing goblin mode is the perfect excuse to slow down and nurture ourselves for a while as we transition into winter.

So shut the front door and cosy up in your favourite warm and comfy clothing and don’t forget to protect your favourite tops using the original Hole Button Cover.


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