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The #1 Must-Have Item You Need To Pack For Your Summer Holiday

The #1 Must-Have Item You Need To Pack For Your Summer Holiday

Whether you’re about to fly off to Europe, more further afield, or a staycation in this beautiful country that we call home, we know the #1 item you need to remember to pack in your luggage for your trip. We’ll give you a few other ideas too, based on the most common things people forget! Read on to find out more…

Life And Death Documentation

If you’re leaving home for a few days; don’t forget any important documents for your travels! Sounds obvious but lots of people do it. Whether that’s your passport, boarding pass, insurance documents, visa, driving license or any other holiday documentation; without it you’ll be extremely stressed, may have to pay out a large amount of your spending money, or even worse… end up back home!

Money, Money, Money

Easy to forget if you’ve swapped bags, or are in a rush… money! Double check that you’ve packed your purse or wallet, and have any cash, foreign currency and credit cards you need for your trip. It’s always a good idea to keep some money in a different place as a back-up, if for whatever reason you no longer have access to your main supply of funds.

Good Old Gadgets

So important in our daily lives to save emails with important holiday information, check directions to your hotel or to contact a local excursions company; don’t forget those devices! Phones, tablets, laptops, sat navs; remember to pack any chargers and adaptors too so you can charge them whilst you’re away.

Compulsory Camera

Travelling and trips are all about memories that will last a lifetime. It’s nice to get photos to take you back to that moment, so if you’re one of those people that still likes using a proper camera, don’t forget to pack it, along with any chargers, batteries, memory cards and/or waterproof cases.

camera, clothes and suitcase packing for holiday

Music To My Ears

If you’re travelling long distances, don’t enjoy public transport or just want a super relaxing day doing nothing on the beach; don’t forget your music and headphones! Whether classical, rock or a bit or dance; you’ll be miffed if you forget your favourite tunes.

Sensible Stationery

If a holiday for you means a lot of thinking time, inspiration, creativity, and going through all those mental notes; make sure you take something you can jot down, doodle or sketch whatever’s in your head. Remember to take a pen, notebook and any books, magazines, phrase books or travel guides.

Weather Permitting

You should always hope for the best and prepare for the worst when it comes to the weather, especially in the UK! Have you ever been caught out by the weather when away from home? Make sure to pack for both eventualities; an umbrella and lightweight waterproof jacket for any sudden showers, and of course sunglasses, sunscreen and a swimsuit for that much-needed sunshine.

person standing on beach with umbrella

Trusty Toiletries

Toothbrushes and toothpaste are near the top of the list when it comes to items people forget to pack, along with a hairbrush or comb, medication, vitamins and supplements and a (mini) first aid kit. A lot of the hotels will provide the essentials, but it’s best not to get caught out just in case you’re somewhere a bit more remote or ‘rustic’.

Sentimental Snacks

Whether you miss home comforts or have a food allergy or intolerance; remember to pack those safe and sentimental snacks! Heinz Ketchup, Marmite, your favourite tea bags and stuff for the kids will all make your holiday more enjoyable, if that’s what you like.

#1 Must-Have Item To Pack For Your Summer Holiday

Last and definitely not least, the #1 item as promised… Holé Button Covers! Prevent those tiny holes in shirts near waist on holiday with Holé Button Covers. Whether you’re wearing jeans, trousers or shorts; most will have a button on the waist, so there’s a chance you could pluck, pull or tear your vest, t-shirt or shirt.

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If you need a bit more help or inspiration, check out ‘75 things you need to pack for a holiday: the ultimate guide’ from Hello Magazine so you enjoy the best holiday yet.

We’d love to see photos of you and your Holé Button Covers on your trip, so make sure to share them with us on social media.


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